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Value Investing with Legends

Nov 24, 2023

In the intricate dance of market movements and economic trends, it takes a discerning eye to discern patterns and make strategic decisions. Enter Nicolai Tangen, the astute CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management, who joins hosts Michael Mauboussin and Tano Santos on Value Investing with Legends. A connoisseur of art history and asset management, Nicolai offers a rare blend of expertise, drawing parallels between the seemingly disparate worlds of art and investment. His approach, marked by a blend of rigorous analysis and intuitive pattern recognition, reveals the underpinnings of a global economy shrouded in paranoia and driven by innovation. In this episode, Nicolai unfolds his journey from being an art student to leading one of the most prominent investment funds, highlighting how understanding historical context informs risk appetite. He brings to the forefront the role of AI in transforming investment strategies and the delicate balance of managing a substantial portfolio while maintaining a contrarian stance. Tune in to learn about the psychological aspects of risk assessment, the implications of AI on future investment strategies, the value of contrarian thinking in an ever-changing market, and so much more!



Key Topics:

  • Nicolai's journey from Russian military studies to financial expertise at Wharton (2:45)
  • Nicolai's foundational career experiences with John Armitage at Egerton Capital (4:04)
  • The refreshing and insightful sabbatical Nicolai took to study art history (6:42)
  • AKO Capital's strategy: selecting high-quality stocks for robust growth and solid returns (9:17)
  • Investing success through deep reading, contemplative analysis, and rare decisive action (10:34)
  • The critical role of pattern recognition in navigating financial uncertainties (13:51)
  • Post-mortem analysis as a vital component of investment strategy refinement (15:41)
  • The importance of contrarian perspectives in investment strategy and team development (19:09)
  • Delving into CEOs' insights on market trends and the underestimated influence of corporate culture (23:04)
  • Adapting from selecting individual assets to managing broad asset classes with team collaboration (26:48)
  • Proactive engagement in corporate governance through ESG-focused voting practices (30:33)
  • The inescapable responsibility of managing a globally influential investment fund (33:08)
  • Balancing the promising prospects of AI with the imperative of managing social risks (35:36)
  • Defining fund success beyond returns: robust processes and a motivated, fulfilled team (38:07)
  • What keeps Nicolai up at night and excited about the future (40:40)
  • Nicolai’s book recommendations (43:24)
  • And much more!

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