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Value Investing with Legends

Mar 31, 2023

Today’s conversation is a special one. I’m delighted to share my fireside chat with Markel Corporation’s Tom Gayner from our 26th Annual CSIMA Conference. With decades of industry experience, Tom joined us to share insights into how Markel has differentiated itself from others in the insurance industry and...

Mar 17, 2023

When evaluating a company, getting a clear picture of all the relevant factors can be challenging. That’s why today’s guest, Scott Hendrickson, heavily emphasizes management quality and companies where diligence can provide a high level of conviction.


As a Columbia Business School graduate and adjunct professor,...

Mar 3, 2023

With the constant evolution of the asset management industry, investors need to stay a step ahead to justify earning an active management fee. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, this is a lesson that today’s guest, Bill Nygren of Harris Associates, instills in the younger analysts he mentors.


Bill is...